Happy Birthday...

... to my Love! wish you many more Pookie & I pray that I'll be able to share them all with you:-)



Where am I?

During this mornings devotion from In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley this sentence was what stuck out the most to me : "He has already mapped out the perfect plan to get you from where you are to a flourishing spiritual life."

It's obvious to me that I'm not at the flourishing spiritual life, but where am I?
This summer has been a triumphant, humbling & unsuccessful spiritual walk for me. Highs & lows, in that order. I have felt really close to God & very distant. I have felt secure & really lost. The tide was turning & then unexpectedly crashed on my head. From being a source of encouragement & prayer for others, I'm at a place where I'm struggling & need such a source.

It's the little things that God says & does that make a difference in my heart & this little sentence He just now showed me has given me a little boost of confidence & hope~ He has already mapped out. Right now that is all I need to know.