Thank God It's Friday & It's Fashionable

I can't forget how a year ago I was struggling at work because I didn't have the "right" clothes. I wasn't unprofessional but with limited funds and a boss that cared too much about the length of my jacket, I was frustrated and usually always second guessing my outfits. So I did what I normally do when feeling like this, I prayed. And God answered my prayer in a big way. I started receiving alot of brand new clothes from family and I even had a little New York shopping trip, that could only have been afforded because of the Lord's intervention. May I say that my God is a stylish God! The clothes I've received have been beautiful, just lovely.

Well fashion has always been a part of who I am. My youngest sister and I have been designing & making clothes (although not very well) since we could properly hold a needle. So with that I'm starting a weekly Fashion Fridays post, similar to what I've seen on a few blogs that I like.

So with that said, I've fallen in love with a few pieces from Stella McCartney's kids line. I think they are so adorable & Pumkin Pie would love them as well. Enjoy! And if you think any one of them is a "must-have" I've included the links. And contrary to popular beliefs, sweaters & jackets are very much needed in Jamaica:-)
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Gap Stella Mccartney Chunky Cardigan Gap Stella Mccartney Skinny Zipper Jeans Gap Stella Mccartney Ruffle Top Gap Stella Mccartney Beckett Summer Jacket Gap Stella Mccartney Crochet Shift Dress Gap Stella Mccartney Piped Mini Skirt